True to its commitment to quality service, Hanseatic was given the distinguished ISO 9001:2000 in February 2003 and has recently been awarded the ISO 9001:2008 in January 2010 and MLC 2006 ( Maritime Labour Convention) certified.


Hanseatic's President and managers are supported by highly competent and reliable personnel, ensuring consistent and satisfactory services. On-going job rotation provides a rich channel for generating ideas that improves the Company's competitiveness and efficiency. Ship Captains continue to compliment the Company's selection and training processes for Seafarers.


As a service provider, Company success depends on its ability to fulfill clients’ requirements. Strong importance and emphasis is given to developing its seafarers in harmony with technology and continually upgrading its people and services. In addition, Hanseatic works hard to establish work procedures that ensure commitment to quality service. The Company encourages staff and employees to provide clients with the positive output and outstanding service they truly deserve by establishing a system that is efficient and strictly implemented.